Critical Point 

Building agility through Visible Impact
Agility is a core characteristic of successful and sustainable organisations and teams. Central to being agile is the availability and examination of useful and timely performance data.

Data that accurately reflects the critical success and value drivers for a business is very powerful in enabling teams and organisations to adjust quickly to changing conditions and to recognise early when initiatives are working and when they are not. Such data needs to be available in a relatively frequent manner to allow timely response.

Visible Impact - Performance Clinic
The Visible Impact process enables organisational teams and leaders to engage efficiently and productively with relevant performance data. It is a powerful tool for leaders to ensure the business is under control and is focusing on the things that matter.

The Visible Impact process is a focused and energizing experience that builds strong, collaborative teams.

Organisational Capability 'Pulse check'
The Performance Pulse measures three critical drivers of organisational capability and performance;
  1. How confident staff are feeling
  2. How staff are working together
  3. How useful organisational systems are for staff
Staff are surveyed every two or three months using three simple questions that relate to each of these three aspects. The response to these questions can be a key input into the Performance Clinic.


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