Critical Point 


Leader Programme

High Performer Development Programme
The High Performer Development Programme has been specifically developed for managers who wish to refine and enhances their skills in navigating complexity and uncertainty. 

Our goal is to provide an environment for participants to be challenged and have the opportunity to explore new ideas and approaches.This is a highly experiential programme with real issues and challenges.

It is an 18 month programme that programme focuses in refining and enhancing skill in four critical leadership dimensions;

                      1. Emotional Intelligence
                      2. Strategic Intelligence
                      3. Political Intelligence
                      4. A leader's signature strengths.

The programme contains workshops, coaching, speakers, and visits to other organisations. 
During the programme participants will be expected t0 undertake a project of significance to their organisation.

Participants come from a diverse range of backgrounds provide a rich resource for learning. Throughout the programme participants will receive extensive coaching and support.

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